Clinical Pharmacy Services

Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

Medication Therapy Management is a broad term that refers to wide range of services provided by a pharmacist, the medication expert, to the patient or their caregiver to ensure the patient's overall medication regimen is appropriate and safe.  It is a patient-centered rather than product-centered approach to healthcare.  Typically, these services are provided in various settings such as retail pharmacy or ambulatory care setting where pharmacists are under time constraint and multitasking.  We provide these services in a private medical office setting where we can take the time to provide a comprehensive review of all medications and supplements, actively manage drug therapy, educate you or your caregiver,  and collaborate with your physician(s) to to identify, prevent, and resolve medication-related problems.  We take a patient-centered team approach and connect with other healthcare professionals on your team to optimize therapeutic outcomes from treatment. Medication therapy management services include:

  • Medication therapy reviews
  • Pharmacotherapy consults
  • Immunization consults
  • Disease state management
  • Health & wellness programs and screenings

Why use MTM services provided by a pharmacist?

  • Medication complications and errors are increasing leading to more hospitalizations from adverse drug reactions and increase in healthcare costs

  • Pharmacist intervention through MTM services can reduces medication-related morbidity and mortality

Who can benefit from Medication Therapy Management services?

  • People who take several medications
  • People who have several health conditions
  • People who feel over-whelmed or confused with managing their medications
  • People who have questions or problems with medications
  • People who have been hospitalized recently
  • People who use multiple doctors and/or multiple pharmacies including mail order pharmacies
  • People who are on medications that require close monitoring
MTM services might be covered by your insurance!  As a courtesy, we can verify coverage for you.